The MUM 7 Conference 2023!

Thank you_LeJeuneJohnson

Thrilled to have served as a Guest Speaker at the MMRIA User Meeting (MUM) for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ERASE Maternal Mortality. The Maternal Mortality Review Information Application (MMRIA, or “Maria”) is a data system and a data strategy, designed to support the functions of Maternal Mortality Review Committees (MMRCs) through common data. On Day 1, I talked amongst other panelists about the implementation of Informant Interviews with families for a more enriched case review process. Informant Interviews act as a qualitative data collection tool help fully capture a birthing person’s story and the history of events leading to a maternal or infant death. The event had more than 400 attendees from MMRCs in various regions and jurisdictions in the United States. I’m so humbled to have been invited to speak. – April 22, 2023 💜 #community #strategicthinking #maternalhealth #maternalmortality


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