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Informant Interviews

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Advocacy Work in Maternal Healthcare

About Informant Interviews

As a maternal health care champion, LeJeune Johnson has worked and consulted with numerous Maternal Mortality Review Committees (MMRCs) across the United States to help enhance their surveillance of Maternal Mortality Case Review through the use of Informant Interviews.

An Informant Interview is a qualitative data collection tool utilized for collecting supplemental information about the circumstances and events leading to a maternal death or infant death. Interviews are generally conducted  by a clinically trained professional with a next of kin, relative or loved one with intimate knowledge of the deceased and their healthcare experiences.  Informant Interviews provide data linkages  that can help us gain critically important information or details surrounding  the maternal or infant death, that would otherwise be difficulty to access. These interviews help to better equip committee members and healthcare providers with knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of the deceased and to better develop recommendations for prevention.

Interviews can also help capture a clearer picture of the psychosocial  and environmental factors that may have served as contributing factors in maternal or infant death.  The Informant Interview process may also help provide better insights into evaluating complex concepts involving discrimination, bias, and to help better assess preventability. A well conducted Informant Interview, is culturally sensitive, articulate and can effectively engage with the community that is being impacted.

Services centered around Informant Interviews are:

Culturally Informed
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Other Services

Our treatment perspective is eclectic and draws from multiple treatment modalities. Our goal is to help encourage self awareness and gain better insight  into life experiences. We feel enhanced self awareness can help foster healing, making better choices and can lead to empowerment to live our best lives. Additional services include:

Maternal and Infant Health Consulting
Perinatal Mental Health
Child Abuse Prevention Trainings
Parenting Classes
Home Study Evaluations (for prospective foster parents)
Social Enrichment Activities & Events
Family Violence Prevention Workshops
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Workshops, Conferences and Webinars

Professional Speaking Engagements

LeJeune Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with several years of clinical expertise. She has spoken on national platforms for The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Mississippi State Department of Health, Jackson State University, as well as many other institutions. Subject matter includes maternal and infant health, health equity, social welfare and mental health.


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