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Therapy Plus’s Commitment to Society

Therapy Plus remains committed to working with social welfare and public health organizations to help them incorporate health equity initiatives and help them address health/wellness disparities in under resourced populations.

These inequities do not just affect those groups that are hardest hit. They affect us all. By diminishing the economic, health, and educational opportunities of certain groups in this country, we adversely impact the overall human potential of millions of people. Health inequities and disparities weaken our entire society.

Therapy Plus has worked with numerous organizations, including the Mississippi State Department of Health and Child Protective Services to strengthen services provided in communties. Allow Therapy Plus to meet with your organization officials to discuss your pain points and help you develop a customizable plan to enhance your programing services.

Common Services Provided to Organizations:
Project Development
Project-based Support & Guidance
Education and Workshop Training
Team Building Curriculum
Diversity & Inclusion Training

Stronger Families, Stronger Communities!

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